Starting with an original Bulldozer  ( not a Chinese knock-off), we reinforce the handle at its weak point and add a 1/8" thick bonded rubber grip. We add a buffer on the plastic and then a layer of slip tape to make it glide smooth with the insurance of the blade not burning through or having to replace the slip tape too excessively.


Unlike our other Bulldozer, this tool has an angle built into the main body that places the tip/blade at a more ideal angle. This makes it possible to apply 60% more force without applying any more initial pressure.


This tool gives you more access to get to those hard-to-reach areas, Camaros, Mustangs, etc. It allows access to places such as behind speakers, brake lights, low angles, and rear windows.


Features a 6" squeegee blade and is 15" in overall length.

The Bulldozer Xtreme (Automotive)

  • Squeegee Length: 6 Inches

    Overall Length: 15 Inches