The sidewinder extractor is an extremely unique, yet very popular & powerful extractor squeegee. 


Being one of our best sellers, this amazing little tools blade comes to a point that extends beyond the edge which allows for extraction all the way behind the window seal.

This tool features our *79 durometer* The Judge channel PREP blade material.
This turns this handle into a cleaning/prep monster 

this makes it ideal for getting that last bit of prep solution out of those roll-up door seals and small obscure windows. It is a personal favorite for windshield strips.


The Gasket pro tools blades  are  100% MADE IN THE USA!


The overall size is 7" long and 4" tall which allows for safekeeping in your pouch. 


This is the ULTIMATE prep/squeegee tool, especially if you don't want to fumble around with a big handled squeegee.

The Judge - Sidewinder Prep Tool (SOFT)