The  super  durable JUDGE  blade  has been installed into an old favorite, the Side Swiper.The Judge blade turns this handle into a cleaning monster and makes it  ideal for getting that last bit of prep solution out of those tough spots in the corner of lower rear deck  and windshield areas on automotive tint jobs. 

About the Judge blade material:
 We took the popular size and style blade material and turned it up 3 notches, by doing this  we have created a channel blade that is so durable and glides so well youll wonder how you ever did without it Just one pass with this blade an you'll know why it is called THE JUDGE ! from here on out this blade will set the standard that all all other Prep and general cleaning channel blades will be JUDGED by. 

At Gasket Pro tools Our blades have changed the dynamics in water removal .

Hardness is 79 durometer Rating is shore A   This blade material is 100% MADE IN THE USA



    The Judge - Judge Swiper (SOFT)