THE SAFE PREP scraper is made of a hard material and was designed to safely clean  the softer glass in today’s newer vehicles that have the sound deadening laminated glass, it was also to designed fit into the tighest spaces behind the seals where a typical razor scraper just wont fit .   This tool is comfortable for right or left handed users, blade width is 4"wide x 4.5"tall. The unique shape and size allows it to  fit in the tightest of side seals and corners and below the gasket where prepping is essintial for a clean install.  NOT DESIGNED OR PROMOTED TO REPLACEo A RAZOR BLADE,  but on newer glass will work equally as well. "as with any tool use proper care" this is another fine tool that is 100% made in the USA  and brought to you by Gasket Pro Tools .

Safe Prep Scraper and pad kit