made with HYDRA EDGE TECHNOLOGY for maximum extraction

This is the original Sledgehammer HCC-1 the 4.5 inch 45 degree crop cut extractor that put Gasket Pro Tools on the map. 

Designed to be durable and offer maximum water /slip extraction. This is the ultimate EXTRACTOR squeegee blade.It is classified as a hard squeegee range @ 93 Durometer.
What makes this product unique is the amount of mounting solution that it is capable of moving with minimal effort, anything from 1 ply dyed film to Nano Ceramic Fim This blade even works on Flat Glass Film, Dusted Crystal and black out films..People are reporting these blades are lasting on upwards of 600 vehicles.
The sledgehammer is a proprietary blend of materials that has the best wear resistance in any tool of its kind, the blades are made from a special material and is 100% MADE IN THE USA.
Designed and distrubited  by  the Sledgehammer line of blades are Satisfaction guaranteed.

Sledgehammer - ORIGINAL HCC-1 Gen 1