This handle-blade combo comes with a Shorty handle in tandem with a Gasket Pro Blade of your choice (i.e Sledgehammer, De-hydra, Judge)

The 5.2 inch Shorty handle is compact, yet extremely effective at getting the job done.
It’s light weight (Only 5.0 oz) reinforced polymer construction makes it extremely durable.

Our 5 inch Sledgehammer blade which is intended for extraction. The 93 durometer material paired with our signiture end cut ensures optimal solution extraction.

Our 5 inch De-Hydra blade which was introduced for those who want a little extra flexibility than the sledgehammer. The 90 durometer material in tandem with our signature cut we have on all our blades have become many tinters personal favorite.

Our 5 inch Judge blade was originally created to be a Prep Only blade but has quickly, and unintentionally, become a favorite amongst ourselves and MANY tinters as a “Dual Threat”. Althought this blade is an extraction monster, we still stand behind using our Sledgehammer to do your final extraction passes.

This combo will leave you wondering why you haven’t been using it your whole life.

Shorty Combo (Pick Your 5 Inch Blade)