We start with an original Bulldozer  ( not a chineese knock off)   then we reinforce the handle at its weak point  and add an 1/8" thick bonded rubber grip, we also added a buffer and the a layer of slip tape to the blade making it glide smoother. 
This tool has an angle built into the main body that places the tip/blade at a better angle making it possible to apply 60% more force without applying any more initial pressure. This tool gives you more access  to get to those hard to reach areas, Camaros, Mustangs etc.  it allows access to places such as behind speakers, brake lights, low angles, and rear windows. Features a 6" squeegee blade and is 15" in overall length.

The Bulldozer Xtreme (Automotive)

SKU: GT 205

    780 Temple Rd E Bremen, Georgia 30110 USA


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