This kit offers everything you’ll need to jump right into tinting (Besides tint itself and a heatgun). All tools are majority American made with NO Chinese knockoffs.

This kit features:


5 inch 75 Degree Cropped JUDGE Squeegee Combo (EXCLUSIVE)

5 inch 75 Degree Cropped SLEDGEHAMMER Squeegee Combo

De-Hydra Sideswiper

32oz Spray Bottle (EXCLUSIVE)

Genuine Unger Safety Scraper

100 Pack of Replacement Razor Blades

Olfa SVR-1 9mm Knife

50 Pack Stainless Steel Replacement Blades

Automotive Bulldozer

The Scrubber (for backwindow/ windshield applications)

Tape Measure (EXCLUSIVE)

The Shankster

4 inch Teflon Hard Card

Lil Chizler


White Scrub Pad (for cleaning & prep)

The Film Bender’s “ Tint Shop in a Box”