This design incorporates a positive lock blade retention design that securely holds the blade in place without any screws.This handle is equipped with a rubber grip  to ensure no slippage no matter how wet your hands get . We think you will love this design for the simple fact that this product SCREAMS QUALITY at any angle . The jaw clamp is designed to accommodate most all your favorite squeegee blades, the jaw width and depth is designed so the blade is positioned so not not to OVER or UNDER exaggerate the squeegee blades performance, the blade will work as it was designed to, a soft flex blade will be just that, and a medium flex will be medium and stiff will be stiff. With all that said this tool is designed and built to the exacting of what our industry PRO's demand and what you expect from Gasket Pro Tools. No

Gasket Pro - Extreme Grip Handle

  • DEH-5 dehydra 
    SHP-1 sledgehammer 

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