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About Us:

It's hard to beat a tool that has been created by someone that uses them every single day. Tinting for over 36 years, Rodney McClure has set his focus on achieving efficient and effective tools to assist with tinting.

"Price without service is no bargain at all."

- "I always have and always will stand by this statement. If I'm going to sell something, I'm going to make sure that it will perform above and beyond everyone's standards including my own. While my products may not be the cheapest you can get your hands on, I ask that you ask yourself if that's truly what you want. Buying from Gasket Pro Tools ensures a great experience from the moment you purchase until you are fully satisfied."

    -Rodney McClure

         Owner & Operator of Gasket Pro Tools, LLC.

Gasket Pro Tools Mission

    Our mission is to help you as an installer by understanding your specific and direct needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or send Rodney an email directly using the link to the left. You can also fill out the kiosk below, however, the quickest response would come from a direct email.

   We proudly serve tinters globally and would love to hear from you and how we can help with your tool or installation needs.

      For dealer inquires contact email 

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