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Fusion "Shorty 5" Squeegee Combo

Fusion "Shorty 5" Squeegee Combo

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This Fusion Shorty 5 (without the thumb stop) was created with compactness and quality in mind. Paired with our line of Squeegee blades, this is an extraction monster. It features a removable ”jaw” which makes switching blades a breeze


You can order this combo with our Sledgehammer or De-Hydra blade


The Sledgehammer is our hardest durometer (rated at 93) blade and is designed with maximum extraction in mind.

The De-Hydra is rated at 90 durometer and great for extraction with a little more give than the sledgehammer.


*IMPORTANT* We intentionally try to send these combos out with the blade slid a little forward in the jaw to give a little more flex to the blade. With how deep the jaw is on this handle, when the blade is slid all the way back it may feel too stiff for your liking. If your combo doesn't come pre-slid forward, just run the blade forward in the jaw a little and tighten it back down until you’re happy with the amount of flex it has.

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