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2 Pack Lint-Free Prep Cloths

2 Pack Lint-Free Prep Cloths

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This listing comes with TWO 13.75 x 13.75 CLOTHS (yellow and blue)  Which makes them great for color coding, like interior use and exterior use this helps to avoid cross-contamination. 


 Depending on what you’re using the towel for you can use it either open for wiping down surfaces or folded into quarters for cleaning and prepping windows.
 The reason for this is when the towel is folded you’re leaving areas of the towels completely dry so when you move onto the next window you’ll be able to refold the microfiber towel and have a new dry surface.


100% Microfiber Towels

(80% Polyester/20% Polyamide)


These microfiber towels offer streak-free results when cleaning glass and are great for scrubbing tough spots


Super absorbent and machine washable


Fish Scale Weave

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