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8 Inch Judge Squeegee Blade - 79D Ultimate Prep Blade

8 Inch Judge Squeegee Blade - 79D Ultimate Prep Blade

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The super durable JUDGE blade has been designed to suit the pickiest installers when it comes to cleaning and prep! It can be purchased in both 5 and 8 inch variants.


This is our answer for a durable prep blade. It glides so well you'll wonder how you ever did without it; just one pass with this blade and you'll know why it's called THE JUDGE.


We classify this blade as a MEDIUM/SOFT squeegee as it reads @ 79 Durometer.



The Judge is a proprietary blend of materials that has the best wear resistance in any tool of its kind; the blades are made from a special material and are 100% MADE IN THE USA by Gasket Pro Tools.


When you want the best results for prepping and cleaning, you can count on the Judge line of blades to pull through. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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