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Gold Clay Bar (100g)

Gold Clay Bar (100g)

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This product has many uses in the automotive industry. They can take off paint overspray on glass and help prep defroster lines to avoid PEANUTS. In our line of work, we can use them for...


  • Paint contamination removal (The second step after a detail wash before Paint Correction is done)
  • Prepping the paint before PPF, Vinyl Wraps, or Graphics are applied.
  • Prepping the rear window defrost lines for the application of window film. Clay allows a user to remove particles that are either stuck to the surface or trapped in microscopic gaps of the surface.


The clay itself will become dirty over time and needs to be used with care. After claying, the surface should feel smooth, leaving a deeply cleaned surface. Further cleaning can be needed to achieve a perfectly clean surface.


**We recommend rewrapping the clay in something before storing back in the plastic container it comes in. We've found that if you re-store it in the plastic container directly, It will stick to it.**

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