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Olfa Silver SVR-2 Knife

Olfa Silver SVR-2 Knife

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OLFA Cutter Deluxe Stainless Steel SVR-2 Model 5019 9mm also known as the "Olfa Silver"


  • Corrosion and chemical resistant body
  • Ultra-slim for maneuverability
  • Slide lock
  • Pocket clip and blade snapper
  • No tool blade change
  • Pre-loaded with a 9mm ABS precision stainless steel snap-off blade

Perfect for Corrosive and Chemical Environments

This stainless steel precision knife is perfect for moist environments where rust or chemical exposure are a concern.

Featuring a slide-lock, built-in pocket clip/blade snapper, and a slim design that makes it a popular choice for industrial professionals. The heavy-gauge stainless steel blade channel firmly secures the blade in place during cutting.

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