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The Flash - Bulldozer Style Tool

The Flash - Bulldozer Style Tool

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*Forewarning* Although it looks, and was designed with the original Dozer in mind, this is not intended to be a replacement. It is not designed to fit behind third brake lights or in extremely tight gaps.

This tool is made from a more durable polymer (it's less brittle) than the original white tool. What sets this tool apart and makes it unique is the changeability of the blades. This makes it perfect for changing a blade out when it gets worn or if you want to use a different blade altogether.

This listing is for a “Flash” backglass/windshield tool that comes with our Sledgehammer (93 duro) channel blade. This is our firmest blade and was made with maximum extraction in mind. However, if you'd like to sell all of our other channel blades pre-cut for this tool.

*Design/color may vary*

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