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The Link Squeegee

The Link Squeegee

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The Link Squeegee is the ultimate tool for professional window tinting. Ergonomic and convenient, this hand-held squeegee is the sweet spot between a hard card and a full-handled squeegee. It is the personal favorite of many professionals in the industry. Its pocket-size design makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Say goodbye to the awkward void between your hard cards/full-sized squeegees and hello to a balanced and enjoyable experience with The Link Squeegee.


Choose the blade that fits your needs the best:

Sledgehammer (93 Durometer)  - Created for maximum extraction and is the firmest.

De-Hydra (90 Durometer) - Made with firmness still in mind, but offers a little more give than our Sledgehammer.

Cyclone (87 Durometer) - Middle-of-the-road hardness that works well for prepping as well as installation. We still recommend using a sledgehammer for final extraction

Judge (79 Durometer) - Created for prepping

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