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Tool Edge Slip Tape (33 Feet)

Tool Edge Slip Tape (33 Feet)

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Slip tape is the ultimate product for achieving a clean and scratch-free window tint installation. This tape is designed to reduce the risk of scratching the material you're installing, making it the perfect addition to your professional window tinting tools. Simply wrap it around the edge of your squeegees, hard cards, or other installation tools and experience a smooth and effortless glide across the film. With 33 feet of tape on the roll, you'll have plenty for multiple uses. When you notice your tape seems worn and about to wear through, simply remove it and install more. We recommend also keeping your hard cards sanded smooth under the tape for an extra layer of protection in case you do wear through the tape without noticing. We offer two sizes to best fit your needs.


The 3/4-inch tape is thicker, therefore it offers more adhesive for a better stick (when applicable). The 1/2-inch tape is slimmer and works great for smaller tools such as triangle or hard cards. Upgrade your tinting game with Slip Tape today.

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